We at Patios Plus understand that your purchase with us is an investment, one that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for many years. With these tips, we hope to help you keep and enjoy your purchase with us for many more years. Remember, patio furniture needs to be cared for and maintained like anything else you leave outside, much like your car. A vehicle gets dirty from the elements and the more care and attention you pay to its maintenance, the better it looks. This also holds true for outdoor furniture.

Protecting your furniture: Many of our clients are here only part of the year and like to put their patio furniture away during the summer months. We want to inform you that storing your furniture in your garage is not always the best choice for your fabrics and sling furniture. Unless the garage is air conditioned, the interior can function like an oven and bake your furniture, creating burn marks on certain fabrics. If you can store pieces inside, where they can be better protected, the longer they will last. Otherwise, they are better off being covered and left outside in a shaded area. The same goes for frames and tables you choose to leave outside. Your furniture will do best if you can pull it out of the direct sun and under any overhang close to the house. We sell a number of covers in different sizes, so remember to measure your pieces before coming in to select a cover.

Cleaning your cushions: Sunbrella fabric is a water- resistant fabric, but it is not waterproof. There are some great products out there that you can purchase to repel liquids from your fabrics – especially the popular line of patio furniture cleaners. However, you can also clean fabrics at home with a scrub brush and mild soap and water. Review and download our Sunbrella Stain chart to learn how to get out those tough spots.

Regular vacuuming once a week will help keep your cushions look newer longer. Hosing them once or twice a month will also add to their longevity. The most important thing to remember when taking a hose to cushions is to prop them up on their side until the water runs clear. Once they have been thoroughly cleaned, leave them on their side to dry, then flip them on their opposite side for the water to drain without leaving water marks.

Cleaning your slings: When it comes to sling furniture, it also important to hose off these pieces periodically to remove any sand or dirt build up in the material. Also, remember to buy cleaning products that specify sling material to prevent stripping the furniture’s protective coating. Open weave sling fabrics will break down faster in the elements, so if you are in an area that gets full sun, choose a tighter woven sling fabric. Like any other fabric, if oil or lotion gets on the sling directly, it can cause the fabric to burn in the sun. Always remember to use a towel when applying oils and lotions.

Cleaning your frames: Frames can easily be brought back to life with a little Car Nuba car wax. However, if you live out in the greater desert area, there is a lot of calcium in our water, which can leave behind little white spots of calcium build up. These deposits are more noticeable on darker framed furniture, so selecting a lighter finish may require less maintenance. It is important to wipe off water with a towel to prevent spots – or, clean it with Patio Furniture Cleaner.

® Care and Cleaning Instructions 

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Sunbrella® fabrics concern care and cleaning. The good news is that Sunbrella® is designed to be easy to maintain. By following a few simple care and cleaning steps, the fabric will maintain its good looks for many years. 

Important Background 

Sunbrella® fabrics are made from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic yarns. Solution-dying is the process of adding color to acrylic fibers during manufacturing while they are in a liquid state. This characteristic of Sunbrella® fabrics is the key to locking in color, easy cleaning and long life. 

Because Sunbrella® fabrics are woven, they are also highly breathable, which is why they dry quickly with only air exposure. It’s also important to know that Sunbrella® fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish, which enhances water repellency. This finish requires replenishment after vigorous cleaning. 

Sunbrella® fabrics will not support the growth of mildew, but dirt on the fabric can lead to mildew growth, which makes regular cleanings important. No set timetable exists for when fabric should be cleaned, and the local environment has a great deal to do with determining cleaning frequency. Cleaning is required less frequently in a dry environment than in a humid one with heavy foliage. 

Sunbrella® awning and marine fabrics carry a five-year limited warranty and Sunbrella® furniture fabrics are warranted for three years. With proper care and cleaning, you can expect excellent service from Sunbrella® fabrics far beyond warranty periods. 


One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella® fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep or vigorous cleanings is to hose fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water. This practice will help prevent dirt from becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric and eliminate the need for more frequent vigorous cleanings. In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years. 

When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, Sunbrella® fabrics can be cleaned while still on an awning frame or a boat or, size permitting, they can be removed for cleaning in a washing machine. 

When cleaning Sunbrella® fabrics, it is important to observe the following: 

  • Always use a natural soap. Never detergent. 
  • Water should be cold to lukewarm. Never more than 100 degrees. 
  • Air dry only. Never apply heat to Sunbrella® fabrics. 

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Sunbrella® Care and Cleaning Instructions 

If you are cleaning Sunbrella® while still on a frame or on a boat, follow these simple steps: 

  • Brush off loose dirt. 
  • Hose down. 
  • Prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild, natural soap (no detergents). 
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean. 
  • Allow soap to soak in. 
  • Rinse thoroughly. 
  • Air dry. 

If stubborn stains persist, you can use a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew, roof run-off and other similar stains. 

Prepare a special cleaning mixture: 

  • Four ounces (half cup) of chlorine bleach. 
  • Two ounces (one-fourth cup) of natural soap. 
  • One gallon of water. 
  • Clean with soft bristle brush. 
  • Allow mixture to soak for up to 20 minutes. 
  • Rinse thoroughly. 
  • Air dry. 
  • Repeat if necessary. 

If an awning or boat cover is suitable in size for a washing machine, these steps should be followed: 

  • Use only natural soaps. No detergent. 
  • Wash and rinse in cold water. 
  • Air dry. Never put Sunbrella® fabrics in your dryer 

Re-treating the Fabric 

As part of the finishing process, Sunbrella® fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish, which enhances water repellency. This finish is designed to last for several years, but must be replenished after a thorough cleaning. Based on test results, Glen Raven recommends 303 High Tech Fabric GuardTM as the preferred re-treatment product for Sunbrella® fabrics. Fabrics should be retreated after thorough cleaning or after five years of use. Check with your local Sunbrella® dealer or distributor for more information. ®Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC 1831 North Park Avenue Glen Raven, NC 27217-1100 

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Sunbrella® Care and Cleaning Instructions 

Applying 303 High Tech Fabric GuardTM 

303 should be applied to Sunbrella® fabrics after each thorough cleaning, which typically removes the original fluorocarbon finish and reduces the fabric’s water resistance. After cleaning the fabric, allow it to air dry completely and then apply 303 in a thin, even coat. After allowing the first coat of 303 to air dry, apply a second thin, even coating of 303. Two light coatings are more effective in restoring fabric water resistance than a single heavy coating. The 15-ounce aerosol provides coverage of up to 50 square feet of lightweight fabric. 

Professional Cleaners 

You may have access to professional cleaning firms that service awnings. In evaluating the services of a professional firm, you should inquire about a firm’s experience in working with Sunbrella® fabrics and knowledge of cleaning and retreatment requirements. 

®Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC 1831 North Park Avenue Glen Raven, NC 27217-1100 

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Sunbrella® Care and Cleaning Instructions 

Stain Chart 

Sunbrella® fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish that acts as a sealant resistant to water & stains. Sunbrella® is able to hold up against inclement weather and even most stains. For those occasions when stains may occur below are our recommended cleaning methods for Sunbrella® for some of the most common and toughest stains.

STAIN Recommended Cleaning Solutions BEER liquid detergent, white vinegar BERRY liquid detergent / ammonia (3-6% water) BLOOD (DRIED) detergent / ammonia (3-6% water) BUTTER volatile solvent (acetone) CHARCOAL, PENCIL MARKS vacuum, then liquid detergent CATSUP OR MUSTARD liquid detergent CHEWING GUM volatile solvent (acetone) CHOCOLATE liquid detergent, ammonia water COFFEE detergent, white vinegar, volatile solvent (acetone) COLA liquid detergent CRAYON paint, oil or grease remover EGG (RAW) liquid detergent GRAPE JUICE liquid detergent GRAVY liquid detergent GREASE (CAR) volatile solvent (acetone) INK (PERMANENT, INDIA,BALLPOINT) paint remover, volatile solvent (acetone),  detergent IRON RUST oxalic or citrus acids, water LIPSTICK paint, oil or grease remover MASCARA paint remover, volatile solvent (acetone),  detergent, water MILDEW 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup natural soap per gallon of water 

®Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC 1831 North Park Avenue Glen Raven, NC 27217-1100 

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Sunbrella® Care and Cleaning Instructions 

STAIN Recommended Cleaning Solutions MILDEW 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup natural soap per 

gallon of water MILK liquid detergent NAIL POLISH volatile solvent (acetone) OIL volatile solvent (acetone) ORANGE DRINK liquid detergent, water PAINT (LATEX) WET liquid detergent, water PAINT (LATEX) DRIED paint, oil or grease remover PAINT (OIL OR LACQUER) paint, oil or grease remover SHOE POLISH (LIQUID) volatile solvent (acetone) SHOE POLISH (WAX) apply heated iron over towel, volatile solvent (acetone) SUNTAN LOTION Pine Power® or pine oil detergent TEA liquid detergent TOMATO JUICE liquid detergent TREE SAP turpentine, liquid detergent URINE liquid detergent, white vinegar VOMIT detergent, water, white vinegar WATER COLOR liquid detergent, water, white vinegar WAX (CANDLE) apply heated iron over towel, volatile solvent (acetone) WINE liquid detergent / ammonia (3-6% water), white vinegar 

®Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC 1831 North Park Avenue Glen Raven, NC 27217-1100 

TEL.: 336.221.2211 FAX: 336.586.1169

Wood & Ipe

Wood is a natural material, and will require some maintenance if left outside under harsh conditions for prolonged periods of time. We recommend and supply Jensen Leisure’s Wood Shield and special Ipé Protector to help protect your furniture for years to come. Ipé Protector contains light transparent pigment that helps to screen UV light and enhances the tone and hue of the Ipé without hiding the grain. Basically, it acts as a sun-block for your furniture.


Teak Protector is an almost invisible shield which helps to prevent food (coffee, ketchup, redwine, olive oil, etc.) penetrating into teak causing stains. It also protects the wood against moisture and adhesion of dirt and prevents mildew growth. After aging, the teak will weather to a natural silver-grey patina instead of turning dark grey or green. Should you prefer to keep the golden-brown colour of teak for a longer time, then first treat your furniture with Teak Sealer and then use teak protector afterwards.


A premium, no-sheen, natural look, water-based, penetrating sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection, especially in food preparation and serving areas. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer.

Key Features: 

  • Allows moisture vapor transmission.
  • The NEW Rapid Cure Formula protects in less than 4 hours.
  • Designed to achieve optimal penetration into dense, low-porosity surfaces 
    Prevent mineral deposits. 

Feron guard – Protector

A light-duty cleaner and heavy-duty protectant. Cleans outdoor furniture and fabrics and adds a protective barrier for long periods of time before additional cleaning is needed. 


  • Contains a special blend of silicone emulsions that helps protect and penetrate to condition and preserve
  • Removes and prevents oxidation 
  • Brings out deep shine without greasy residue
  • UV inhibitor that helps to prevent fading and discoloration 

Feron cleaner – Metal & Fabric

A heavy-duty cleaner that is formulated with strong chemicals and yet is safe to extract dirt/stains found in materials or fabrics. All around home cleaner for most surfaces (not for use on glass). 

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