Planning Ahead

Desert Summer’s can be pretty blazing and spending time outside is the last thing on your mind.

However, it is important to know, if you are thinking of a patio redo and want to enjoy your outside spaces come fall, the summer is the perfect opportunity to begin that process. You can enjoy our air conditioned showroom and work with our team of experts to create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

Then 4-8 week lead times won’t seem to take so long if you are not in a hurry to use it.

First order of business…

Research on line and or magazines to find the look and color combination that inspires you.

Measure your space.

Bring in your research, any fabrics or samples of flooring, stones, or fabrics you are looking to coordinate along with measurements.

Figure out a budget you are comfortable with so we know our parameters.

Plan your desired completion goal and we will help you pull all the details together.

Summer Classics: Avondale Collection

Important things to consider…

How do you want to use this space?

  • Do you dine outside and how many people do you need to accommodate?
  • Are you more interested in lounging about?
  • Would you like a combination of both dining and lounge areas

Gloster: Ceramic Split Dining Table with Ryder Chairs

Area rugs to frame off different sections are very helpful and are great way to incorporate color schemes.

Loloi Indoor/Outdoor Rugs: Garrett Collection in Black/ Ivory

Could you use more shade? And how much shade?

Are looking for places to lay out, and how many people will be using the spaces at any given time.

Tuuci: Manta Parasol Umbrellas

Now you are off to the races! Lets get that patio space ready for all the fun activities you’ll be hosting for the upcoming season!

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