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Keep your Patio Furniture looking as good as it did when it left our showroom! Although outdoor furniture is in fact made to withstand the elements it’s important to remember that we are located in the Coachella Valley where we are introduced to the toughest elements- strong heat and high winds, which can wear down and ruin even the highest quality of outdoor patio furniture. Now that you’ve got the highest quality Patio Furniture in your backyard it’s important to give it the TLC it deserves which will ensure your investment will be enjoyed for years to come.

Things to remember:

Wind Damage. Did you know that strong winds are the biggest cause of furniture damage and missing cushions? Because fierce winds can kick up at any time in this valley, it’s important to know which steps to take, to care for your furniture when Mother Nature throws a surprise your way.

Umbrellas– Make sure your umbrellas are secure, placed in a heavy umbrella base, and covered with a weather-resistant fabric cover when they are not in use. If big winds start up when your umbrellas are open, make sure to tie them down and cover immediately.

(Tucci– umbrella)

Lightweight furniture- Pull them in and put a cover around a group of furniture items to weight them down. Weighing down furniture with sandbags or weights can also be a good idea if the storm is going to be particularly strong. Unfortunately, because warranty claims do not cover any weather damage to a client’s furniture we highly recommend purchasing weather-resistant fabric covers in order to get the most longevity out of your investment.

Sun Damage. High winds are not the only thing to watch out for when it comes to your furniture. If you’ve spent a day in the Valley during summer time you know that the desert sun is no joke, it’s not only hot but can also be extremely harsh on your patio furniture and accessories. Here are some tips to prevent sun damage, which will help keep your furniture looking brand new even after a sweltering summer.

Accessories– Make sure your cushions, matspillowsthrows, and umbrellas are protected so that they maintain their color and quality. The best thing you can do for your accessories when they are not in use during summer time is to store them indoors and away from harsh UV rays. If you plan on keeping your accessories outdoors during summertime make sure to cover them with a weather-resistant fabric cover.

  • Frames- Pull them up as close to the house as possible and protect them with a weather-resistant fabric cover. This will keep the hot summer sun from beating down on your furniture for four straight months and will keep your pieces looking newer longer.

Don’t forget to clean your furniture. No matter the material, protective sprays and cleaners from the company 303 and water is all one really needs to keep your furniture looking fresh and clean. Follow the cleaning directions below to protect and preserve the patio furniture you love.

  • Cushion Maintenance- Make sure to shake, blow, or vacuum any existing dirt or debris before you begin your cleaning process. Once they have been cleared of debris hose them down. The most important thing to remember when taking a hose to cushions is to prop them up on their side until the water runs clear. Once they have been thoroughly cleaned, leave them on their side to dry, then flip them on their opposite side for the water to drain without leaving water marks.
  • Woven Material Maintenance- If your furnishings are in good condition, all they’ll likely need is a good wipe-down with a cloth dipped in mild detergent dilution. Scrub off stubborn grime with a bristle brush dipped in the same solution, then rinse with a cloth saturated in plain water.

( Janus et Cie– Slider Vino Daybed)

  • Wood Material Maintenance- Dirt and grime can cause wood to mildew, so it’s important to give it a thorough scrubbing with a solution of equal amounts of mild detergent and water using a bristle brush. Do this once a year and wood should remain mildew free.

(Lloyd Flanders– Antiques-teak collection)

  • AluminumStainless Steel, and Wrought Iron Maintenance- Wipe down with a cloth dampened in a mild detergent solution a few times throughout the season. If you notice that the varnish is bubbling or you see any rust damage, use sandpaper to remove the damaged area, then apply new paint or varnish.

(Gloster– Vista Set)

Calcium in the water. If you are getting white spots on your frames, your water from your hose or sprinklers may be contributing to this build up. If you have hard water and you clean your furniture with a hose, make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent the white spots from occurring.

Cushions are not stain proof. Yes they are made with 100% acrylic dyed fibers that last much longer than your standard fabrics outside. However, they are not stain proof or burn proof. Use a towel, if you are wearing tanning oil or sunblock. We highly recommend using 303’s cleaning and protective products to help repel dirt, dust, and stains. Make sure to always read instructions carefully, most of these products are concentrated.

We take pride in providing the highest quality of outdoor furniture and hope that you take pride in displaying them in your backyard. Please use our recommendations of a little TLC to help the patio furniture you love withstand all the elements for years to come.

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