5 Ways To Jazz Up Your Patio This Summer

Since summer is right around the corner we figured now would be the perfect time to provide some insider tips on the best pieces to jazz up your outdoor space. We’re talking about everything from the best pieces to withstand the harsh desert sun to accessories that you can utilize during the day and at night.

1.) Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are not to be thrown away! Say goodbye to throwing your favorite outdoor accessories into storage and covering up your furniture to keep them from fading and ruining as soon as it summertime rolls around. These Elaine Smith pillows are the perfect patio accessory year round, but especially for summer. Not only are they super soft and stylish, but they’re made with durable fabrics that keep them from withering in the sun. This is a great time to take advantage of our annual 40% off accessory sale happening May 15th – 31st!

2.  Patio Umbrella with LED lights

As humans, we always want what we can’t have. We want shade during the day but at night, we need light! Naturally, this Treasure Garden umbrella fixes both of those problems and that is why we think it is PERFECT for summer. This umbrella is sure to dress up your patio as well as protect you and your patio furniture from the harsh desert sun.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Floormats

We think it goes without saying that floormats are a summer essential. The worst part about a dip in the pool is tracking water all throughout the house, no matter how much you try to dry off before you head inside. These Chilewich shag mats are a different story. Unlike regular doormats you wipe off on, these great for all weather and quick to dry. They’re also mold and mildew resistant so your home will stay smelling fresh. (Chilewich products are not included in our summer accessory sale.

4. Gloster Bells Table

We’re not afraid to say that these tables by Gloster are quite possibly one of the greatest patio inventions of the 21st century. They are both stylish and convenient since they come with ice bucket inserts. We can just imagine laying out by the pool (under a trendy umbrella, of course, because skin cancer is no joke) with drinks in an ice chest to help us keep cool.

5. Chaise Lounge Chairs

We LOVE the Tropitone Curve Lounge Chairs, because they’re not only comfortable and fashionable, they’re also waterproof! That’s right, place your chaises in your pool shelf, grab your favorite book and bask in the warm California sun while keeping cool this summer. These beautifully designed chaises are available in several bright hues, perfect way to add a pop of color to any outdoor space.

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